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It’s really simple actually, the 21 Plan helps you lose weight like never before by doing what other programs fail to do. Our proprietary process addresses the individual core imbalances that may be causing you to store and retain excess fat. Our certified weight loss coaches and support team walk you through the entire process and our state of the art learning series provides you with the knowledge to never gain it back.

Revolutionary Weight Loss - Easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Evaluation


After filling out our proprietary questionnaire, your weight loss coach will identify core imbalances that may be related to weight gain.

Equipped with this information, they will set you up with a protocol that works specifically for you. You will fill this form out during the getting started process.

Signs of a weight related imbalance may include:

heart burn constipation dark eye circles
aches and pains trouble focusing allergies
dizziness exhaustion
anxiety gas headaches
panic attacks cholesterol issues thinning hair
blood pressure issues trouble sleeping low energy
memory loss stress dry skin
brain fog cold hands & feet belly fat
low sex drive cravings blood sugar issues

2.Weight Loss


During this phase, all you have to do is follow the protocol that your weight loss coach designs. The weight loss phase is 21 - 45 days and individuals typically lose between ½ and 1 pound per day. In fact, 85% of our clients lose 16 pounds or more in their first 21 days on the 21 Plan! How’s that for results?

Typical Day:Wake Up
Formula 21 drops under tongue
2 hours
Formula 21 drops again
Lunch (with Enzymes)
Dinner (with Enzymes)
*Must follow 21 Plan approved foods while on the program and should not consume liquid, brush teeth etc. within 30 minutes before or after Formula 21 Drops



Stabilization is a 21 day period designed to stabilize your weight at its new amount and help you integrate other foods and healthy fats back into your diet. It is a time to continue development of lifelong habits while completing our state of the art client education system all to ensure that you never gain the weight back.

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