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Exercise is vital to a healthy life, but heavy or stressful exercise can actually upset the delicate detoxification process during phase 1 of this program. Any exercise you do on this phase should be light and enjoyable. Don’t stress. Do things that are fun and don’t over do it.

Once finished with phase 1, feel free to go back to your regular exercise routine. Don’t have a routine? Don’t worry. Individuals typically feel more energy and motivation after the program so you will be able to find exercises that work for you.

21 Plan Approved Exercises (during Phase 1 only):

Elliptical (gentle pace)
Vibration Exercises
Bodyweight Squats
Jumping on a Rebounder or Small Trampoline
Riding a Bike (leisurely)
Walking Stairs
General Stretching
Must keep heart rate low
Burn more fat with heart rate under 140
Shake Weight (we’re kidding, but if you want, go for it)

You get the picture. As long as you are not over doing it and it is low impact, it is fine. So take it easy, enjoy yourself and let the weight fall off.

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